Josephine wears One of a Kind Vintage throughout

Photographer Samantha King

Styling James Chester

"Josephine is a trans feminist, video and performing artist and writer studying Fine Art at Goldsmiths University of London. She engages with navigating the art world from and by utilising her subject position as a transgender woman, artist and model existing at the intersection of varying societally constructed prejudices such as sexism, misogyny, transform and cissexualism. She’s really interested in studying philosophy and engaging with how we as people can better ourselves working with ideas in mind about how the predominant areas of social and normative life are constructed and orchestrated. She runs a syncretic practice which makes no distinction between a performative art piece in a gallery context and walking a runway or being on set for a shoot. Questions of gender performativity and subjectivity reside at the heart of all the work she does, fine art or otherwise."