"RICH" Facial oil:

"It's amazing. Just a few drops of paradise - the scent!" Orsola De Castro Creative Director of Esthetica and Author. 

"I have been using Poppy France - Rich facial oil for approximately 7 months... The difference it has made is unbelievable... Slightly addictive... I can go on... but judge my skin not my words... I turn 63 next month." 'Tanya Haughton-Allen Director, Uber Clothing, Bath.

"I am a regular Poppy France Facial massage client and facial oil user and look at my skin! Glowing! I gave my mum (75) ‘rich’ oil for Christmas. She has incredibly fine aged skin that literally peels off like PVA glue daily because it’s so thin and frail. She’s been using it everyday for a month and it’s like new!! So much healthier and stronger - it’s unreal. Literally the only change she’s made to her skin care and the difference is huge. It makes her make up apply so much better too as the skin is so much healthier." Lara Tutton Sustainability writer.

"LIGHT" Facial oil:

"I've been using Poppy France Light face oil for 6 months now, after being a little apprehensive at first (Ive always steered clear of any kind of oil on my face due to acne prone skin). this oil is a miracle worker, it not only gives my skin the most healthy glow, it is extremely nourishing and healing. It actually heals breakouts. I dab it on broken skin or spots which has cleared infection without scaring (something ive always struggled with after bad spots) it has never made me break out or clogged my skin, it absorbs into the skin beautifully and acts as a really good makeup primer too. I would highly recommend." Sophie Scrimgeour, London.